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The intention of the universal home is to provide a living environment that supports a variety of lifestyles and is adaptable as interests and circumstances change including and not limited to individuals dependent on mobility devices. A home that adapts as your interests and lifestyle changes.
Households with growing families should have a home that supports the entire family through the years.  
As many home owners mature towards a retirement lifestyle they prefer to maintain their present home and the amenities they have become accustomed to. The National Association of Home Builders have developed a certification program called "Aging in Place" for contractors and associates in the housing community. The intention with "Aging in Place" is to create a living environment that supports independent living regardless of age, income level or ability.
Multi generational households are gaining popularity. The mature generation living with adult "children" and their children. Grandparents, Adult children and grand kids. For many they enjoy the extended family involvement.

Shared housing is popular for many since it supports community. The most common reason for sharing housing is to reduce the cost of housing. Other motivations are to gain better amenities than those available in single-person housing, to share the work of maintaining a household, and to have the companionship of other people.                                                              

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