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Where to begin


You've decided to take on a building project and not quite sure where to begin.


You're not ready to hire a designer or contractor but you need advice.


Troy Farnsworth offers consultation on projects from conception to completion.


Troy is just a phone call away !


Phone: (971) 219-1405

Work in progress



Perhaps you already have the plans for your project but you're not 100% satisfied that the plans achieve your goals. With Troy Farnsworth on your team he assist with the solutions in order to insure that your project is a success !



Almost Home


Your project is close to completion  and you cant decide on the finishing touches. Troy Farnsworth has been hired by some clients exclusively for his natural talent in creating amazing exteriors with wonderful curb appeal.


New construction or remodel, if you would like to collaborate  with Troy on your project, call him at:

(971) 219-1405

Bringing your dream home to reality should  be a experiance that will give you years of fulfillment when your dream is realized. The best way to make sure this happens most successfully is to select a design professional to assist you through the actual design process. Your part of the design is knowing what you want. The Designers part is helping you make your design goals work. Click on the video to the right and get started.

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