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Troy Farnsworth

Professional  Designer | Principal

What are the most significant experience's you have had in your career ?

I have had the opportunity to be involved with designing multi-million dollar homes working with some very influential people. I thoroughly enjoyed working on those projects.

Early in the 21st century I decided to provide design services that I feel make a positive impact on people's lives so I began to design homes that I consider retirement friendly. The objective is to design an environment that supports independent living.


Design Services

The process begins with a detailed interview including desires and intentions of the client, site conditions and budget.



The next step is to develop preliminary drawings showing alternative space planning concepts to allow the client to explore options that best suit their needs.



Upon client approval of the preliminary drawings the design development begins. At this time we coordinate with professional associates to insure every necessary aspect of the project is addressed. I.E, structural engineers, lighting designers, mechanical (heating and conditioning of the home). Livability of the interior and exterior layout, Finish materials, Furniture layout and all relative details are reviewed with the client and incorporated into the finish drawings.



Construction Drawings

All consultant information is incorporated into the final construction drawings for bidding and to obtain permits for construction to commence. Our clients appreciate when we participate in the observation of the building process in assuring the construction of the project is in alignment with the approved drawings.






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